Computing & Coding

Home of the popular interactive programming application.

Scratch Video Tutorials from TheTeacher
A series of YouTube video tutorials on using the Scratch Program.

Computer Languages
An overview of computer languages.

Khan Academy - Computer Programming
Learn the fundamentals of programming on the Khan Academy Computer Science platform. Explore programs made by others. Write your own programs and share them!

Computing at School
The Computing at School (CAS) Working Group aims to promote the teaching of computer science at school.

Espresso Coding
Coding examples for Primary Schools from Espresso (free until October 31st 2014).

A fun and engaging computer programming course for Primary children.

Code Avengers
Learn how to program games, apps and websites using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Code Academy
Learn to code in Javascript, PHP, Python and Ruby.

Educational software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment.

KODU Gamelab Community
A community of students who create games using KODU. Contains a link to download the application.

Turtle Academy
Learn to use the LOGO language with these online lessons.

Logo Interpreter
Another online Logo interpreter with code examples.

Programming a screen turtle
An online activity from the BBC as part of their GCSE Bitesize for ICT.

Learn how to build websites and apps, write code or start a business.

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