World War I Links

Experiences of an English Soldier
A blog created from transcripts of soldier Harry Lamin's letters from World War I, posted on the Web exactly 90 years after they were written.
A multimedia history of World War I

First World War: Sources for History
Draws on historical documents and media available in Britain's National Archives. Aims to create a wider understanding of the global nature of the conflict and the profound consequences that resulted from the war.

The Somme (OU on the BBC)
The Battle of the Somme is now synonymous with slaughter and a futile waste of young life. But was it really such a disaster?

The Battle of the Somme (Imperial War Museum)
Find out how the battle was planned and fought, about the experiences of the people involved and about the battlefields today.

Take Up the Sword of Justice: British Posters of World War I
A selection of posters from 1914-18 that appealed to the patriotic instincts of the British population during World War I.

World War I: True Stories
Read and listen to stories of the War from the people who lived through it. Explore diaries, letters, scrapbooks, cuttings, photos and keepsakes.

World Wars: World War One
Huge resource from the BBC covering every aspect of The Great War on land, sea and air.

The Great War
The Great War was without precedent. Never had the battlefield been so vast and never had the fighting been so gruesome.

Lawrence of Arabia
He called himself an ordinary man, but Thomas Edward Lawrence lived an extraordinary life.

World War I Document Archive
Archive of primary WWI documents from pre-1914 to post-1918, including personal reminiscences and an image archive.

World War One - A Complete History
A detailed description on all aspects of World War I from the History Learning Site.

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