Geography Links

Brush up your mapping skills with the help of Ordnance Survey.

S-Cool Geography Revision
GCSE, A Level and AS Level revision for a range of subjects, including Geography.

The Mysterious Life of Caves
Toxic caverns teeming with strange life forms spark a radical new theory of how caves take shape.

Savage Earth
Explains how volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis shape our ever-changing planet.

Rivers and Coasts (BBC)
What happens when rivers meet the sea?

How Fast Are The World's Rain Forests Being Cut Down?
IT and Geography exercise on creating and plotting deforestation areas on a map using Excel.

Peakware World Mountain Encyclopedia
The Web's premier mountain resource where you can explore the mountain ranges of the world.

GCSE Bitesize - Geography
Revision exercises from the BBC.

Knowledge and Learning - Geography
A new area from the BBC supporting KS3 and GCSE Geography (Bilingual).

National Geographic - The Environment
Superb documentaries covering wildlife, natural disasters, landscapes and geographic themes in a highly visual and entertaining way.

Dive and Discover
Volcanoes, black smokers and the bizarre creatures that live there.

Global Eye News
Covers global development issues and developing countries through interactive features, workshops and projects.

Internet Geography
Excellent directory of sites covering different aspects of geography. The links are rated and the site is searchable too.

Information, maps and statistics on every country in the world.

Volcanoes - What's Erupting?
Live data on currently erupting volcanoes and recent earthquakes.

Canal and River Explorers
Information on canals and rivers in the UK.

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