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Headlight: learning in the fast lane!
FREE new business studies resources available for schools with the motor industry as the exciting backdrop.

Shell Livewire
Created by the oil company Shell, this site offers help for 16-30 year olds who want to start their own business and includes an action plan, finance plan and case studies. A good starting point for entrepreneurs.

Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy
Aims to promote better understanding of globalisation, world trade and economic development - including the forces, values, events and ideas that have shaped the present economic system.

Basic Business Research Methods
Advice on information you need to collect in order to make major decisions about a product or service.

The UK's first small business podcast featuring interviews and practical advice for start-ups and businesses of all sizes.

Electric Money
Explore the history and transformation of money, from Money Before Computers to the E-money Revolution.

Just Do It
A lively and informative site on creating and succeeding in your own business.

BBC News Special Report: Running a Business
Professional advice for anybody thinking of setting up a business or taking a business-related qualification.

How Stocks and the Stock Market Works
Where does stock come from and why do people want to buy and sell it? An introduction to stocks and the role of stock exchanges..

Virtual Chancellor Simulation
This is an online simulation of the British Economy, putting you in the shoes of the Chancellor of the Exchequer. You can change Government Spending, Income Tax, Spending Taxes and National Insurance, and see how that affects families and the National economy as a whole.

GCSE Bitesize - Business Studies
Revise or test your business knowledge courtesy of BBC Education.

Plain english primer on the mechanics behind the financial markets.

Business Resource Centre
Excellent resource on starting, managing, marketing and financing a small business.

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