ICT Across the Curriculum: Key Stage 3

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Creating a Multimedia Presentation Publishing on the Web
Information and Presentation Information - reliability, validity and bias
Processing Text and Images Models and presenting numeric data
Models - rules and investigations Public information systems
Data - capturing and presenting data  
Year 9 ::: Web links :::
Global communication - negotiating and transferring NGfL Cymru: Key Stage 3 Subjects
Global communication - negotiating and transferring ICT Framework: The National Strategies
Managing a project - Front of House ticketing ICT Across the Curriculum: The National Strategies
Boosting Achievement in ICT at Year 9 (PDF file) ICT Across the Curriculum: Using New Technologies in the Classroom
  ICT in Education: Learning and Teaching Scotland
  Teach-ICT Key Stage 3
  Online ICT KS3 baseline assessments
  Key Stage 3 Levelled Work Examples

Welcome to the Key Stage 3 ICT across the Curriculum area which is designed to support staff and build confidence in the use of ICT in teaching and learning in the 21st century classroom.