Scheme of Work: Unit 9.2
Managing a project - Front of House ticketing
Cynllun Gwaith: Uned 9.2
Rheoli prosiect - system docynnau blaen y tŷ
9.2 Case Study Teacher Resource 1
System Life Cycle
Teacher Resource 2
Completed System Life Cycle
Teacher Resource 3
Gantt chart completed
Teacher Resource 4
Dance Floor Model
Teacher Resource 5
System Life Cycle Poster
Teacher Resource 6
Theatre Booking Spreadsheet
Teacher Resource 7
Finance Solution 1
Teacher Resource 8
Finance Solution 2
Teacher Resource 9
Finance Solution 3
Teacher Resource 10
Dance Floor random number model
Teacher Resource 11
Teacher Resource 12
iMac and Barbie presentation
Teacher Resource 13
Mail-merge presentation
Teacher Resource 14
Multimedia presentation examples
Pupil Resource 1
Gantt Chart - buying a car
Pupil Resource 2
Pantomime Scenario
Pupil Resource 3
Gantt Chart
Pupil Resource 4
Dance Floor Model
Pupil Resource 5
Project documentation templates
Pupil Resource 6
Dance floor model random
Pupil Resource 7
Tickets and business card starter
Pupil Resource 8
Common forms and conventions - logos
Pupil Resource 9
Magazine Conventions
Pupil Resource 10
Similarities and differences between the two covers
Pupil Resource 11
Evaluating multimedia presentations
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