Scheme of Work: Unit 9.1a
Global communication - negotiating and transferring
Cynllun Gwaith: Uned 9.1a
Cyfathrebu byd-eang - trafod a throsglwyddo data
9.1 Case Study Teacher Resource 1
Using CensusAtSchool to set up the starter activity
Teacher Resource 2
Large Excel file of records
Teacher Resource 3
Large CSV file of records
Teacher Resource 4
Preparation Sheet for setting up a database
Teacher Resource 5
Answer sheet for hypothesis questions
Teacher Resource 6
Analysing data and making graphs in a database
Teacher Resource 7
Questionnaire development techniques
Teacher Resource 8
System life cycle activity
Teacher Resource 9
System Life Cycle
Teacher Resource 10
Searching a large database worksheet for hypotheses
Teacher Resource 11
Yes/no cards
Pupil Resource 1
Data Coding explanation sheet
Pupil Resource 2
Data Coding explanation sheet
Pupil Resource 3
10 Week Gantt chart
Pupil Resource 4
Census Form - CensusAtSchoo
Pupil Resource 5
Worksheet for census questions
lPupil Resource 6
Answer sheet for census questions
Pupil Resource 7
Questionnnaires from simple to sophisticated
Pupil Resource 8
System Life Cycle cards
Pupil Resource 9
Project documentation template
Pupil Resource 10
30 Records from CensusAtSchool
Pupil Resource 11
Data Coding Questions
Pupil Resource 12
Database planning sheet
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