Key Stage 2

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Year 3 ::: Year 4 :::
3A Combining text and graphics 4A Using a word processor to organise, reorganise and develop ideas
3B Manipulating sound 4B Developing images using repeating patterns
3C Introduction to databases 4C Branching Databases
3D Exploring simulations 4D Questionnaires and Pie charts
3E E-mail 4E Extending the use of Adventures and Simulations
3F Modelling - controlling a screen turtle 4F E-Mail using address book and attachments
year 5 ::: year 6 :::
5A Writing for different audiences 6A Using presentation software to convey meaning
5B Analysing data and asking questions: using complex searches 6B Spreadsheet Modelling
5C Evaluating information, checking accuracy and questioning plausibility 6C Graphical Modelling
5D Spreadsheets 6D Multimedia, linking pages and creating web pages.
5E Modelling effects on screen 6E Using the Internet to search large databases and to interpret information
5F Using ICT to explore and develop musical ideas 6F Combining still images, digital video, sound and/or animation
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