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This web site aims to highlight the safety issues on how to use the Internet and technology safely.
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Calm Kids Website launched
These materials were produced by the City and County of Swansea for non-commercial purposes to help develop the attention and listening skills of all pupils aged 4 to 8 years, including those who may have ADD (attention deficit disorder) or ADHD (attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity). We hope this free resource will be of use to teachers, teaching assistants, parents and anyone who works with young children.

Inclusion Handbook Published Online
The Inclusion Handbook brings together information and advice about how the City and County of Swansea, in partnership with schools, parents and other agencies, works together to promote and deliver the effective inclusion of children and young people.

Learn-ICT Internet Safety site overhauled!
We have redesigned the Learn-ICT Internet Safety area to make it simpler to find all the linked websites and resources. If you have made links to the original area, please update them to point to the new site!

Inclusive Swansea Website Launched
Inclusive Swansea is a web site set up to share examples of activities undertaken by schools in and around the Swansea area who are using ICT to help meet the requirements of the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice for Wales and address the additional needs of children within our schools.

Extended Web Links Section
A section on Ethnic Minority Achievement has now been added to our list of Web links and the Inclusion section now has more categories added. Either section can be accessed from the menu above.

Useful Contact Addresses
A new page has now been added to this section containing contact details where you can find further information and support - just click on the link in the menu above.

Clicker Materials in Welsh?
Have you considered translating some of the existing Clicker4 material into Welsh? DON’T! At least not until you have seen the Resource disc5. We have worked with a group of teachers from Welsh Medium schools to translate the best of the freely available English Language Clicker grids. They have been collated on to one of the resource discs (distributed to ICT Coordinators each term) CDs which are freely distributed to each school.

The 'Clicker' Family of Products
These are probably some of the most useful packages available for children with a wide range of difficulties. Used simply, 'Clicker Grids' can support many literacy activities.

Clicker5 Buy Now!?
The ICT Curriculum Team purchased ‘Clicker4’ for every primary and special school as part of the Interactive Whiteboard Initiative several years ago. Secondary schools were given ‘Wordbar’, but many have subsequently also purchased Clicker4 to support children with special educational needs.
The package is one of the most useful IT resources a school can own, particularly given the large number of freely available resources to use with the program. The company, Crick Software, released an improved version – Clicker5 – last summer and we have negotiated a special deal for Swansea school as an introductory offer.
For details, please contact Bernie Henderson on 562674 or Trudi Adams 637478

Read more about Clicker5

What is Clicker?
A Clicker grid can be used as an on-screen wordbank with speech. Each cell in the grid can hold a letter, word, phrase or picture. When you click on a cell in a Clicker grid, the text in the cell is usually sent into a word processor (or any other application you are using). Cells can also speak their text using the built-in software speech, and they can play sound samples too.

However, it can do much, much more! The grids can be linked together to create a wide range of activities - eg. a sequence for sentence building or your own 'talking stories'.

Are they easy to make?
With a little practice you can quickly learn to build your own words and phrases into the grids and build a valuable resource to be used over and over again. The Centre runs day courses each term to introduce staff to the package - why not enrol?

Clicker can be used with any pointing device (mouse or rollerball), but for those unable to control a pointer, switch options are also available. When used this way it can be an invaluable way of supporting children with severe learning difficulties.

Please send any comments regarding the Inclusion section to Bernie Henderson.

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