Here you can use resources for a range of subjects created by school staff and the ICT Curriculum Team.
Welsh in ICT Using Welsh as a Second Language in ICT
Preview of a new area promoting the use of incidental Welsh in ICT.
Why did Jellicoe turn away at the Battle of Jutland? Why did Jellicoe turn away at the Battle of Jutland?
Despite commanding the world's greatest naval force, Jellicoe's actions allowed the German High Seas Fleet to escape. What influenced his decisions?
Internet Safety Internet Safety
This area aims to highlight the safety issues of how to use the Internet and Technolgy safely.
Learn-ICT Picture Gallery Learn-ICT Picture Gallery
Photographs and images to use in your school projects as well as links to other online image resources.
Animation for Schools Animation for Schools
An area to provide information and showcase animations created by pupils from schools in Swansea.
Geography Curriculum Project 2003 Geography Curriculum Project
This geography project covers the River Ilston in Gower and a photographic tour of the Central Business Development area in Swansea.
Census Data 1851, 1871 and 1881 Census Data 1851, 1871 and 1881
Search the database to discover how the population of Swansea and Neath Port Talbot changed during the late 1800s.
Maths Web! Maths Web!
Learn about protractors and compasses, bearings and locus through video and animation.
Mumbles Train The Mumbles Railway
The history and development of the oldest passenger railway in the world.
Margam Country Park Margam Country Park
Discover how and why Margam Park has become one of the major tourist attractions in Wales.
Kelly's Eye Kelly's Eye
Step back in time with Alan Kelly, our resident history guru. Alan invites discussion on any aspect of the teaching and learning of history.
Composing with Notate Composing with Notate
Get started with the PC version of Notate using a number of composing activities. No prior knowledge of musical notation required!
Music Resources Music Resources
Detailed analysis of Autumn from Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons' as well as descriptions of Summer, Spring and Winter. Also featured is Gabrieli's 'Sonata Pian' e Forte'.
Good News on the Web Good News on the Web
You are provided with a news ticker - and your task is to put all of the reports together and produce a newspaper about the disaster.
Pressure and Persuasion Pressure and Persuasion
The plan to develop industrial waste ground is causing concern in Drenewydd. Present your case for the future of the site in a scenario designed to encourage the use of IT in English.
Margam Castle Margam Castle
An interactive guide to Margam Castle where you can explore the rooms of the castle and discover their use.
The Census Enumerator's Story The Census Enumerator's Story
Based on the 1881 Census of Wind Street in Swansea, the Census Enumerator's Story gives a taste of life at the time with the help of database files, worksheets and contemporary maps.
Secondary Music Project 2003 Secondary Music Project
A multimedia project produced by local teachers that focuses on the music of China, Africa and Wales.
Composing with PrintMusic 2000 Composing with PrintMusic 2000
Get started with PrintMusic 2000 using a number of composing activities. No prior knowledge of musical notation required!