Clydach Infants School

Writing Repeater.

Clydach Infants School is a small village school for 3 – 7 year old children in the Swansea Valley, close to the City of Swansea.  There are currently 116 on roll. The school serves a community consisting in the main of long established housing.
The school has a very close community feel where children are valued and visitors welcomed.

As part of the school’s handwriting policy the staff at Clydach Infants had identified a need to develop pupils’ gross and fine motor skills in addition to letter formation and knowledge of sounds as part of the curriculum and to provide them with skills to become more proficient in other areas of the curriculum.

The school used a multi sensory approach to learning which embraced the Foundation Phase and the outdoor curriculum.  A variety of activities are used both indoors and outdoors to develop the children’s motor skills and letter formation including Write Dance, sand and water, paint, threading and the Interactive Whiteboard.

The activities that were seen on this occasion were using free resources from the ‘White list’ on the County’s Learn ICT website.  The Kent GfL resource ‘Writing Repeater’ was used on the interactive whiteboard for children to practice and reflect on the formation of their letters.

The pupils used their fingers to write their name or the letter that they were focussing on and would then press the play button to see the formation that they had produced from start to finish thus enabling them to analyse their own work. The tool has been used for individual and whole class learning and also as a teaching tool to model letter and number formation.

The children thoroughly enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard as a tool for learning as it provided an opportunity to develop independent learning and gives immediate feedback on their work.  Writing Repeater has been used to celebrate the children’s work during the plenary and simply as a fun resource to engage the child in their learning. It also means that children can self evaluate whilst seeing the fruits of their labour and sharing them with their friends. The children not only enjoy learning how to develop their letter formation but actually seek out the opportunity to use the resource to do so.

The teacher and TA have seen an improvement in pupils’ handwriting skills, letter formation and in their confidence in using the interactive whiteboard.