Ysgol Crug Glas

Image Projection.

Crug Glas School currently provides for 50 pupils aged between 3 and 19 years.  All have profound and multiple, or severe and complex learning difficulties. Many have associated communication, behavioural and / or sensory difficulties, and a significant number have very specific health care requirements.  All pupils are considered to be unique individuals, with the potential to develop and learn. The aim of the school is to find the means to maximise this potential. Crug Glas provides a warm, loving, safe and happy environment where pupils are nurtured, cared for and provided with fantastic learning opportunities.

The activity that was taking place was with 2 pupils.  Both of whom had very little or no mobility
The teacher wanted to engage both pupils in an activity where they could gain full enjoyment and participate at a level appropriate to them whilst learning about Indian culture.

The teacher wanted the pupils to access projected images of an Indian song and accompanying video in a position that was comfortable.

The children have been learning about India and are using a multi sensory approach to embrace the Indian culture.  This session is about the music, colours and dance

The pupils involved were laid on the floor on mats and with supports to keep them as comfortable as possible. Sitting upright, positioned and strapped in the framed chairs can be uncomfortable and restrictive so this position was chosen.

A white flexible fabric screen was curved around a child’s upper body and positioned next to another who lay on his side. The images would therefore be easier to see and the sound transmitted through the speakers. 

The Bollywood images that the teacher chose were from a song where a woman is singing and very slowly her head and shoulders change as she becomes adorned in jewellery and make up ready for her wedding.  The images were projected form the lap top, through a multi media and onto the screens near or surrounding the pupils.  Both pupils seemed to enjoy the song and video and one of the pupils turned her head towards the image and watched the video of the song and indicated her enjoyment with a smile of contentment.

The teacher was able to move the screens closer, further away and at different angles to suit the pupil and to give it a different perspective.

The children have been able to access and experience multi media images and sounds in a way that was appropriate to them.  They can see and watch other things in this way that may otherwise be impossible to see if put on the white board or projected onto a wall. Because the images were closer and projected to and for them, it made the activity more personal and meaningful to them and made the learning more multi sensory.