Trinity Fields School


Trinity Fields is a purpose built school at Ystrad Mynach which offers many unique and innovative features for children and young people with special needs aged 3 to 19 to develop their learning skills.

At Trinity Fields they aim to promote the learning, self-esteem, dignity and performance of the children and young people by enhancing their skills and understanding and creating a community that is child centred, empowering and enabling. The school has children with a variety of additional learning needs including sensory and physical difficulties.

The staff at Trinity Fields wanted to further promote their ethos of raising pupils’ achievements and self esteem whilst increasing the sense of community within the school.  Staff wanted the pupils to see, as close to first hand as possible, what their peers had achieved and experienced over the week.  The need was to find a way of sharing the wonderful things that are done in a way that is accessible to all.

It was decided that the Friday Assembly, where the whole school gathers for worship and achievements, would be the setting for achieving the aims of increased self esteem.  The school installed a 10ft by 10ft retractable white screen and projector which along with the high tech sound system portrays images, videos, graphics and files to the whole school during their achievement assembly.  The system is connected to the schools network, which is accessible to staff in their classrooms and also at home, so presentations and examples of work can be compiled in preparation for the weekly celebrations.   

During the assembly all pupils gather in the hall and the screen is brought down.  The size of the hall and the screen means all pupils regardless of physical ability can see the board and its clear images.  A sound system that is also installed provides excellent sound effects to accompany the images.  After using the screen to project the songs and prayers the children’s work and other achievements are shared amongst the whole school and the child or children concerned feel very special indeed

The pupils work and recordings of their achievements being shared and celebrated in such a way makes the children feel valued, part of the school community and also more aware of the achievements of their peers.  Having such information on the school network has made recording and gathering of evidence for subject coordinators and class teachers more efficient and effective as the achievements are kept as a file on the schools network to form part of the electronic portfolios kept on each of the pupils during their time at Trinity Fields.