Swansea Children and Young People’s Plan 2008 – 2011

Making a Better Swansea for Children & Young People

Swansea is a city rich in heritage, with beautiful coastal and rural areas, two Universities, a diverse and culturally rich population and our own artistic and sporting legends.

We should also be proud of the way the local authority and other sectors, are working together in partnership to regenerate our communities and create a prosperous economic future that benefits all. An essential part of this vision is a commitment to support children and young people’s development and engage them in meaningful decision-making.

This plan brings together all our intentions for the next three years and clearly states our joint priorities. It identifies the improvements we need to make to our services and the issues we need to address to ensure children and young people can reach their full potential.

We have tried to balance our hopes for the future with the reality of the present, to give ourselves the best possible chance of achieving our goals in 2011. We have worked together through existing structures. Whether well established or relatively new, our partnerships have contributed appropriately. We are committed to making better use of the resources we have and so avoid unrealistic expectations.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for all the excellent work already undertaken by many organisations and the commitment they are making to the future through this plan. We are confident that together we can ensure our children and young people will be proud of Swansea not just for the city it is, but for the future it can offer them.

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