What is Inclusion?

The City & County of Swansea’s Inclusion Policy and Strategy define inclusion as the process of increasing the participation of learners in their communities.  It is about ensuring fair and equal treatment for all and promoting practice that:

In the context of schools and other educational provision inclusion is about minimising barriers to learning and increasing participation in educational activity.

Principles and Values

The Handbook is underpinned by key principles and values pertinent to the process of creating more inclusive communities:


Children and young people should have access to a range of educational opportunities which enable them to achieve their potential and have these achievements recognised.


Educational provision should promote and safeguard children and young people’s health, safety and wellbeing.  This includes mental health and emotional and economic well-being.


Educational inclusion is part of the wider process of social inclusion which aims to help all members of a community become more active and engaged citizens.


Inclusion involves schools and their key partners including parents, carers and children and young people working together to create more inclusive communities.

Children and young people’s voices

Inclusion involves taking into account children and young people’s views and including them in decision making in ways that are appropriate to their needs, age and understanding about the educational opportunities offered to them.

Equal value

All children and young people are equally valued regardless of their race, faith and cultural identity.  Barriers to learning such as economic disadvantage or additional learning needs are recognised and active measures are taken to remove or minimize those barriers.


The process of creating an inclusive community should include high expectations and the opportunity for all to achieve high standards.


Inclusive communities and the processes and provision which enable inclusion should aim to provide high quality services in a cost effective and efficient manner.