Corporate and Directorate Policies

Community Strategy

The Community Strategy is the overarching strategy for Swansea.  It sets out:

The development and delivery of the Community Strategy is overseen by the Better Swansea Partnership.  This is Swansea’s Community Strategy Partnership which includes the main public service providers as well as voluntary and business sector representatives.    More information about the Better Swansea Partnership can be found at:

Swansea’s first Community Strategy was published in 2004 and was last updated in 2007 (Ambition is Critical 2007).

In 2008 the Welsh Assembly Government published Local Vision which provided further statutory guidance on the development and delivery of Community Strategies.   This guidance seeks to ensure that community strategies make more of an impact.

In response to this the Council have endorsed a Shadow Community Strategy, Shared Ambition Is Critical, to facilitate the development of a new Community Strategy by April 2010.

The proposed Shadow Community Strategy retains the existing 2020 vision but introduces seven new themes.  The vision, which is consistent with the Corporate Improvement Plan, now reads like this:

By 2020 we want Swansea to be a distinctive European City. 
A City where:

Each of the seven themes is delivered through a clearly identified plan and partnership ensuring that there is a consistent and structured approach to delivering Swansea’s overarching strategies and plans.

Children and Young People’s Plan 2008 to 2011

The Children and Young People’s Plan covers all services that support children and young people in Swansea from the antenatal stage to age 19 years together with care leavers up to the age of 21.

The production of the Plan and its implementation are the responsibility of the Children and Young People’s Partnership (CYPP), and the Lead Director for Children and Young People and Lead Council Member for children and Young People.

The Plan articulates the CYPP’s vision for children and young people in Swansea:

In Swansea children and young people will be assisted to develop to their full potential so they can lead successful, enjoyable and healthy lives and make a contribution to society.  They will be supported and safe in school, the home and the wider community.

We will work with children, young people, families, their carers and the community to provide the best opportunities to make this happen and provide services to develop a better Swansea for children and young people.

The Plan’s aims align with those of the Welsh Assembly Government:

  1. Have a flying start
  2. Have a comprehensive range of education and learning opportunities
  3. Enjoy the best possible health and are free from abuse, victimisation and exploitation
  4. Have access to play, leisure and sporting and cultural activities
  5. Be listened to, treated with respect, and have their ethnicity and cultural identity recognised
  6. Have a safe home and a community which supports physical and emotional well being
  7. Not be disadvantaged by poverty


In relation to inclusion the Plan also states the CYPP’s belief in the celebration of diversity as a source of richness and potential that benefits all.

Health, Social Care and Well-being Strategy 2008 to 2011

Swansea’s  second Health, Social Care and Well-being Strategy (HSC&WB) was developed by Health Challenge Swansea partnership which is also charged with its implementation.  The partnership’s vision is that by 2020 Swansea will be a city where:

The HSC&WB was developed within the context of a range of national policies including Health Challenge Wales, Design for Life, and the various National Service Frameworks.

Single Equalities Scheme

Directorate Policies

The Education Directorate has a number of policies relevant to the promotion of inclusion in the City and County of Swansea.
These include: