Clase Primary School


Clase Primary School is situated three miles north of the city of Swansea and 1 mile from Morriston. It is a co-educational county primary school and has 200 pupils on roll, including 28 nursery children and 26 children in Specialist teaching facilities.  Our main aim is to establish a happy stimulating environment where young children can develop socially, intellectually, physically and enjoy being responsible members of our school community. Every pupil is treated as an individual, and the school day is structured to cope with all stages of development so that all pupils can learn according to their needs, ability and maturity and therefore, discover satisfaction and pleasure in school life and learning.

Mr Bishop the Year 4 class teacher wanted to build on the strong ethos of inclusion that exists within the school whilst developing the ICT skills of the pupils in his class.  The pupils needed to become more confident in their use of ICT particularly the use of peripherals to enhance work.  The pupils needed to know how to scan pictures, record and download sounds and voices whilst appealing to a desired audience and send emails with an attachment.  Another skill that needed to be targeted was language and communication as the pupil thought carefully about what tone, clarity and expression as they read aloud.

The pupils decided to choose a Christmas themed book to adapt so the pupils in the infants and units, who have less developed reading ability could access and enjoy without this barrier to learning getting in the way of enjoyment.  The class chose ‘Santa, Please don’t come this year’ and Photo Story 3 to bring the story alive.  The children produced their own art work to illustrate the story and used a scanner to download their images onto the computer in Photo Story and used the software’s tools to pan and zoom to different parts of the pictures.

Sound recording devices such as voice recorders and microphones were used for the audio aspect of the story and between them the children decided who would be reading what parts.  The pupils worked in groups to turn take, share and reflect on ideas and think of the audience and how they could use their voice to make the book appealing.

Once they had completed the audio book the pupils watched their efforts and agreed on a final product for emailing.  The pupils sent the Windows Photo Story file as an attachment to each class in the infants and also to the units.  The classes that received the file and watched it responded with an email back to thank the children for their efforts.

The children gained a lot of enjoyment from the activity whilst receiving plenty of opportunities to develop their ICT skills of peripheral equipment, Photo Story, emailing and improving their speaking and listening skills through the voice recording and collaborative learning that took place.

The children’s confidences and competencies increased through this activity and their self esteem was also positively impacted.  They thoroughly enjoyed the production side of the activity as well as the final result and the children who received the audio book were really pleased to receive such a special email which they could enjoy on the interactive whiteboards in their class.