Cadle Primary School

Film Literacy.

The staff at Cadle Primary School were looking for an exciting project to engage all pupils through a common theme whilst developing Language and Communication skills.  The school was targeting a wide range of ages, needs and abilities whilst developing skills which could be transferable throughout other projects and activities.

A project was sought that would appeal and motivate both genders and develop collaborative learning whilst allowing all pupils to work at a level appropriate to them.

It was hoped that pupils would develop an understanding of film, genre, settings, the use of colour, sound and light to create moods and how scripts are written, whilst developing expressive and creative language, narrative and an ability to analyse the films in a way that would provide them with skills to develop all aspects of their writing. 

All pupils from Reception through to Year 6 watched films as a stimulus for Literacy sessions.  The pupils spent the week studying and investigating different aspects of their film and developing language and communication key skills at a level appropriate to them. 
Younger pupils looked at hot seating, role play and questions about the subject matter of the film to develop oracy skills.
Through the film ‘A slippery Tale’ Pupils in Years 1 & 2 looked at soundtracks, characters, sequencing and prediction to look at the structure of films and narrative.

Years 3 & 4 studied how music creates moods, or how coloured lighting was used in different scenes to convey different emotions or moods.  They extended their vocabulary of persuasive language to describe and entice the audience.  The use of speech and thought bubbles was explored.

In years 5&6 the pupils watched ‘The Christmas Carol’ and focused on character profiles and descriptive language. 

The profile of the project was raised by a display in the school entrance corridor which showed progression, key words in both written and spoken form on talking tins to enable all learners to interact with and celebrate the wonderful work achieved

All the learners were engaged and a clear line of progression of skills was seen throughout the school from Reception to Year 6. 
The children thoroughly enjoyed working together and turn taking, collaboration and team work was evident throughout. 

A positive impact has been seen on the children’s writing skills and it is hoped that these skills will continue to be used in different aspects of their writing throughout many curriculum subject areas.