St Joseph's Cathedral Junior School

Clicker 5 and Conjunctions.

Pupils who were identified as having difficulties with Literacy through the County’s reading survey and teacher assessments were withdrawn for small group support into a purpose designed classroom well equipped with an interactive whiteboard, several lap tops and other ICT equipment.  The class teacher Mrs Francesca O’Brien organised her lessons to be hands on and multi sensory to reinforce and embed the learning.

The children had been identified as not using conjunctions (such as but, and, so) as effectively as desired. The teacher wanted to improve the children’s sentence structures and make their writing more interesting.

The teacher had recently been on a clicker 5 course and was impressed with the ease of use and things that clicker 5 could do to improve language skills particularly.

She organised short tasks with a range of group and individual work which involved reading, writing, using Clicker 5 on an interactive whiteboard and laptop and kinaesthetic learning to develop the pupils understanding of how to use conjunctions correctly.

To start the children used large paper words to construct sentences as a group and then tried to use these skills in a different context on the interactive whiteboard using clicker 5 and the grids that the teacher had devised.

The children continued this activity independently on the class laptops and then used pen and paper to write up these sentences.
This was then fed back to the whole class where the children evaluated their learning.

Using Clicker 5 as tool for teaching and learning meant the children were more confident putting sentences together using conjunctions and were producing more sophisticated sentences which made their writing more interesting. The repetition and using a variety of techniques for teaching conjunctions consolidated the pupil’s learning.