Whitestone Primary School

Sharing Individual Educational Plans within a school.

Whitestone Primary is a medium sized primary school in the West of Swansea. The school has a number of children who have Additional Learning Needs including Specialist Teaching Facilities for both infant and junior children.

The school uses a commercial software package to write individual educational plans (IEPs) as part of its work with children with Additional Learning Needs. The school wanted to find a secure way to share this information with all interested parties within the school such as Senior Management, Class Teachers and Learning Support Assistants to enable them to have instant access to the documents.

It was important to the staff that they were flexible and easy to use for all people involved regardless of their level of ICT expertise.

The school has recently, along with the other schools in Swansea been given a shared network area when staff use the ‘staff user’ logon which both the curriculum classroom based machines and the office network machines can read from and write information to.

The school decided to create a folder on this shared ‘J’ network drive in which it placed Microsoft Word copies of the IEPs that were created in the commercial IEP writer package while making sure that all the machines within the school either had Microsoft Word installed or the free-to-download Microsoft Word Viewer.

Staff are able to access these IEPs from any machine within the school so that they are able to check both on the requirements and targets for the children in their own mainstream class but also the IEPs of children from the Specialist Teaching Facility classes who are integrated into their particular class.

This has made a positive impact on communication between staff within the school for both the class teachers and the leadership of the school as they have access to current and archived IEP’s which are backed up and secure on the shared network drive. The specialist needs of the children within the school are also raised in profile as more are aware of what the children need to access the curriculum.

It has also helped the SENCO when it comes to review the IEPs with parents and the children as this information is also able to be put up into the shared drive so that the school has a backed up and secure archive of IEPs set for children which is easily shared within the school and electronically with parents should they wish to receive the information this way.