The Primary Education Centre

Assessment and Transition.

The Primary Education Centre is a unique school based in West Cross in Swansea which focuses on helping children with behavioural, emotional or social development difficulties with their integration into mainstream education settings within the City and County of Swansea.

The school follows the ‘secondary’ model of delivering the curriculum to the pupils with the 21 children within the school of primary age going to different teachers for the various subjects of the National Curriculum.

The time and frequency that the pupils spend at the PEC varies from child to child depending on severity of need and progress being made.  It is essential if the aims of the PEC are to be achieved successfully that that are clear lines of communication between the PEC and the pupils permanent school placement.  Mr Leigh Worth recognised this level of importance and whereby important information such as assessments and IEP targets could be shared between the 2 settings to ensure consistency and a clear understanding of the needs and expectations of the school and pupils. 

Mr Leigh Worth devised a system which allows the school to share their information, completed assessments and questionnaires through email which can be correlated with those undertaken at the centre.  These results are then compiled onto a spreadsheet which clearly shows where there are pupil needs that require attention and how progress is being made.  This spreadsheet is emailed to the pupil’s school as well as being shared with other relevant agencies involved with the child and their parents or carers.
Information from this spreadsheet is used to inform the IEP targets that are set and agreed upon with the child.

Progress through the time spent at the centre and the effectiveness of this resource can be measured by the entry to centre and exit of centre results which are formed from the Boxall Profile and QUEST assessment programmes.

Involving all agencies has contributed to a greater feeling of self worth for the child and of being valued by recognising that everyone is working together for the good of them.  The transition of targets and aims for the child have been more effective and no setting involved in the education of the pupil is without doubt as to what is to be done to ensure success in supporting the pupils. 

The greatest impact is that staff have better access to information about the pupil and the lines of communication are open and every agency involved with the child is working towards the same goal.