Pupils from Tregwyr Infants school worked in groups to recreate the story of the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Groups of Year 2 pupils from Tregwyr Infants school also used their Playmobil figures to produce individual scenes from the park. These scenes were then combined to make one animation.

Year 5/6 pupils from Clwyd Primary School worked in groups to plan, story board and create animations on Greek Myths and Legends. This animation is about Odysseus and the Cyclops.

The Cyclops

Graig Infants Animation ICT Club. Year 2 children made this film in the school's ICT Club. They used 2 Create a Story to create the story plan and filmed it using models we designed and made. The children had great fun choosing the sound effects and music.

A Christmas Story

Blaenymaes Primary has started a weekly Animation club after school. Here is one of their animations. A relaxing walk by the lake turns into a nightmare for this young lady as she stops to admire an innocent looking flower, but… the Evil Bud Flower strikes again!

The Evil Bud Flower

Finding the Toy shop closed, this boy and his dog are delighted to find an abandoned space rocket nearby which takes them to the planet Sedna. However, their adventure becomes scary when they come face to face with an alien so they rush back to the space rocket and return to Earth, happy to be safe but leaving behind a very puzzled alien. This animation was created by pupils at Casllwchwr Primary.

Planet Sedna

Pupils of Clwyd Primary School used William Shakespeare’s Macbeth as the inspiration for their animations. This is an example of one of the scenes of the three witches. It includes a spell written by the pupils who made this film.


Gendros Primary pupils made a number of animations on Space exploration. This is an example of the work of one group. Two astronauts on a space mission to another planet meet a hostile alien but they manage to defend themselves and escape back to Earth.

Space Mission

The children of Year 5/6 in Llanrhidian Primary School wrote the story of ‘The Lava Monster’ as a class project. They thought it was so good they decided to make it into a movie! Everyone was involved in making the set and writing the script for each scene as well as creating the finished animation.

The Lava Monster

‘Ready, steady, Go!’ Or more like Ready, Steady, Stop!’ for these pupils of Pontarddulais Primary when they decide to have a race between a slug and a snail. Race? It was more like a dawdle! And just as the finishing line was in sight an unfortunate accident leaves everyone guessing as to who might have eventually been the winner!

Ready, Steady, Go!