A group of Year 6 pupils from Danygraig School made this animation of the New York Bank Robbery which has a clear message to deliver!

Bank Robbery

Year 1-2 pupils from Glais Primary made this animation of fish playing golf underwater.

Golf Animation

Year 5-6 pupils at Pengelli Primary school recently had their first taste of animation and made a number of short films. This one shows a playful fish having fun with a ball that rolled off a nearby cliff into the sea. Very good use of cling film for the sea and good movements of the fish especially when he dives down under the water!

The Fish and the Ball

Year 3 pupils at Gorseinon Junior school made this animation of the Gunpowder plot. They designed the sets, storyboarded their film and created their models to support their work on the Stuarts in History. Four groups of children worked on different parts of the film to create the finished animation. Hope you enjoy the result!

Gunpowder Plot

Year 5/6 pupils at Ynystawe Primary School have created an animation on the Welsh Folk Tale of Y Ferch o Lyn y Fan Fach (The Girl from Llyn y Fan Fach).

Yn sydyn, gwelodd y ferch brydfertha'n y byd yn eistedd yng nghanol y llyn...

Y Ferch o Lyn y Fan Fach

Pupils at Cadle Primary school created this animation, where the Big Bad Wolf is not quite so bad, in fact he’s environmentally friendly, and teaches the three little pigs to recycle their rubbish to help save our planet.

The Big Bad Wolf

Year 3/4 Pupils at Craigfelen made an animation of chicks hatching and being fed by a very proud mother bird who wraps her wings around them protectively at the end of the film.

Chicks Hatching

Pupils at Craig Cefn Parc made an animation on a variation of Jack and the Beanstalk. Poor Jack! He planted a seed, looked after it as it grew and his reward was to be attacked by the very plant that he’d grown. What a scarey plant!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Year 5/6 pupils at Glais Primary were making animations about environmental issues. In this animation a young girl finishes a drink from a plastic bottle and carelessly throws it to the ground. A fieldmouse crawls inside attracted by the sweet smell and ends up trapped inside. The message is – Don’t drop litter!

Environment Issues

Year 3/4 Pupils at Glais Primary made this animation of a spider catching and eating his lunch! He seems rather pleased with himself too!

Spider's Lunch

A group of Year 5/6 pupils at Craig Cefn Park made this animation. Out for a stroll in the park one day, a Mum and her son were enjoying the sunshine. When suddenly a cheeky electric eel decided to have some fun and push them both into the lake, then join them! What an electrifying experience!

Stroll in the Park

The Year 3 pupils of Gorseinon Juniors made animations of Aesops Fables. Here is an example of one of the films they made. It’s the story of ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’.

Tortoise and the Hare

Pupils of Year 1 and 2 in Clydach Infants School made this short animation of a little girl taking a walk in woods where she meets and makes friends with lots of woodland creatures on her way to visit her grandmother.

Walk in the Woods

The Year 5 pupils of Gorseinon Junior invented an alien character called Zonsi. Each group made a film about his journey to Earth where he lands in a zoo. What strange creatures he sees! In this animation Zonsi’s first contact with an earthly creature is a naughty monkee who knocks him to the ground. However, the zoo keeper comes to the rescue and Zonsi and the monkee become good friends. The monkee even decides to go back with Zonsi to his planet!

Zonsi the Alien

Groups of Year 4 pupils at Gorseinon Junior school worked on different parts of the story of Henry Morgan’s attack on Maracaibo. When the pirates tried to sail away with their booty they found their exit blocked by the gun from the fort and 3 huge Spanish Man-o-wars. Morgan covered his ship with pitch, loaded it with kegs of gunpowder, dressed dummies as buccaneers and set fire to it causing an explosion that sank the Man-o-wars. Then he sent longboats to shore to fool the Spanish into moving their cannon to the other side of the fort allowing his ship to escape and the pirates to go after more plunder!

Henry Morgan